CFHI supports organizations across Canada to lead, implement and spread evidence-informed, patient-centred solutions. We focus on:

  • Building leadership and skill capacity: We enhance organizational capacity to champion and lead improvement.
  • Enabling patient, family and community engagement: We catalyze healthcare innovation by involving those who experience, and need care as experts in improvement and co-design.
  • Applying improvement methodology: We use improvement tools and methods to drive measureable results towards better patient care, better health and better value.
  • Creating collaboratives to spread evidence-informed improvement: We bring together ‘coalitions of the willing’ and support these networks of change agents to implement improvement across Canada.

We can help you implement the change you need – using evidence, engaging providers, patients and families, and evaluating and measuring performance.

CFHI Improvement Approach
CFHI Improvement Approach over the short term, medium term, and long term infographic
* Leaders include healthcare executives, managers and providers.

See the full PDF version of the CFHI Improvement Approach