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Thank you for making season eight of CFHI's On Call webinar series a success. We look forward to season nine, which will launch in the fall of 2015.

Feel free to check out our On Demand sessions to catch up on any webinars you may have missed.

On Demand Sessions

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On Call Webinars

CFHI's live webinar series On Call features clinicians, managers and healthcare leaders who are accelerating healthcare improvement. Each session will provide you with concrete strategies, lessons and results that you can apply to your own care setting.

Periodically, CFHI also hosts informational webinars to share results from our healthcare improvement collaboratives or showcase helpful resources and opportunities.

Our advanced webcasting technology allows you to follow and listen to the presentations and enables you to ask your questions live. CFHI offers simultaneous translation on selected webinars so registrants can interact live with our speakers in both French and English.


What is On Call

CFHI's live webinar series features policy-makers, decision-makers and clinicians as they explore evidence and share their improvement stories. Each session will provide you with concrete strategies, lessons learned and results achieved on key healthcare topics. 

Why do we now have to pay to register?

CFHI remains committed to spreading lessons learned and best practices to accelerate healthcare improvement. The On Call registration fee provides partial cost-recovery for the delivery of this great online program. There are also many free resources available to you on our website. 

What do we get for our registration fee?

Your session registration fee of $100 CAD gives your organization a live connection to On Call with unlimited lines – should you require set up in different locations. We do recommend participants attend sessions in a group to minimize connections and to encourage discussion. If you require a multi-site registration (no additional charge), please email registration@cfhi-fcass.ca.

Your registration includes ample opportunity to engage our presenters and hear from other participants during the live question and answer session, all session resources, as well as complimentary access to the archived event.



On Demand Sessions Available

We are pleased to make all of our webinars available On Demand.

To request unlimited access to the video recording of the live session and all supporting materials, including presentations and reports please email registration@cfhi-fcass.ca.

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