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Impact stories speak to the difference we make working shoulder-to-shoulder with teams of healthcare leaders to improve health and care for all Canadians.

Innovative Approach to Patient Engagement Takes Root in Alberta
New approach trains patients and caregivers to take active role in their health and system improvements.
Better Care for Frequent Users Improves Quality of Life and Saves Resources in the Laurentians
Better approaches to managing care for frequent users of acute care services results in a 72 percent drop in Emergency Department visits and improves patients’ quality of life and wellbeing.
A Multi-institutional Approach to Improving Maternal and Fetal Health
Placing women at the centre of the care process increases identification of pregnant smokers and referrals to a pharmacist for a smoking cessation aid.
Paving the Way for Healthier Communities through Public Policy
Community engagement initiative fosters collaboration with stakeholders in Peel Public Health Region to tackle key diabetes risk factors.
Reassessing existing funded health services and products to support appropriate care
New appropriateness framework uses evidence to identify unnecessary practices supporting provincial-territorial innovation efforts and resulting in estimated cost savings of $39 million a year.
Novel tool prevents avoidable emergency department visits by long-term care residents
Tool helps staff detect early health decline in residents, reducing ED visits by 57 percent. Potential provincial savings up to $6.25 million.
Better care for veterans living in long term care
New pain assessment and management approach achieves 99 to 100 percent satisfaction rates.
Helping hospitals get smart: Optimizing heath services for patients through “smart” hospital design
Meaningful engagement of clinicians, together with a knowledge exchange relationship with researchers, led to substantial changes in building design and patient care processes.
Better access to healthcare services in rural Newfoundland
A decision-making framework improves communication to better allocate resources and deliver health services to rural populations.
Improving care and outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease
Redesigning information management systems enhances care for renal patients and likely spurs a provincial roll-out in Nova Scotia.

Quebec COPD initiative casts a wide net in area with many aging, low income smokers

19 percent of admissions to the local hospital in 2013-14 were for patients with a diagnosed respiratory disease, compared to an estimated national rate of 13 percent.

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