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New and improved standard for care in Nova Scotia reduces wait times and sees increase in patient satisfaction
New treatment pathway gets stamp of approval from physicians and patients, with high satisfaction rates and decreased lengths of stay.
Northern Health finds huge savings in home and community care
Approach takes into account more than just economics when making decisions to invest and disinvest enabling better resource allocation.
Finding better patient care, shorter wait times and more efficient practices
New scheduling process in Cape Breton reduces patient no-shows, increases efficiency in patient visits and reduces visit to the ER for non-urgent complaints by 28 percent.
Improving treatment for patients with chronic conditions
Innovative telephone advice line known as RACE allows family physicians in Vancouver to access instant advice from specialists, avoiding unnecessary consultations or emergency department visits for patients.
Centralized access model improves patient flow and reduces wait times dramatically
Standardized referral tool and centralized intake and triage model reduces median wait times for orthopedic services by 72 percent in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Understanding, improving and aligning financial incentives in the Montreal region: Devising innovative strategies to increase volume and eliminate inefficiency
Montreal region uses research to make evidence-based decisions about funding and resource allocation.
Transformation in British Columbia’s Fraser Health Region: Fraser Health Authority identifies, implements and evaluates promising health system improvement alternatives
Research papers enable Fraser Health to guide transformations that improve health outcomes.
A research first for patient engagement
Innovative project successfully engages patients in a BC forensic psychiatric hospital.
Understanding the care experience through the eyes of patients
Transforming care at the bedside results in a 30 percent increase in patient satisfaction at McGill University Health Centre.
Engaging cancer survivors to improve the journey
New toolkit designed by Cancer Care Ontario facilitates creation and redesign of patient and family advisory councils.

Quebec COPD initiative casts a wide net in area with many aging, low income smokers

19 percent of admissions to the local hospital in 2013-14 were for patients with a diagnosed respiratory disease, compared to an estimated national rate of 13 percent.

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