24 / Jun / 2013
CFHI teams up with Institute for Healthcare Improvement of U.S.
16 / Jun / 2013
Better access to healthcare services in rural Newfoundland
A decision-making framework improves communication to better allocate resources and deliver health services to rural populations.
16 / Jun / 2013
Improving care and outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease
Redesigning information management systems enhances care for renal patients and likely spurs a provincial roll-out in Nova Scotia.
16 / Jun / 2013
Training patients to be effective participants in their healthcare
BC health ministry initiative supports seniors and immigrant patients to find their voice with the help of new communication tools that build knowledge and skills.
16 / Jun / 2013
Establishing a first-rate leadership model in a Surgery Program
New governance model and evaluation framework engages medical staff in program administration in New Brunswick.
16 / Jun / 2013
Improving treatment for seniors in acute care
Early intervention approach for seniors in acute care leads to better functionality and independence after discharge at Providence Health Care (BC).
14 / Jun / 2013
Dr. Graeme Rocker named Clinical Improvement Advisor to CFHI
04 / Jun / 2013
Frail elderly live better and longer with improved nutrition care
Integrated approach to planning food services policies improves nutrition for long-term care residents in Saskatoon.
31 / May / 2013
Northern, Rural or Remote Pan-provincial Roundtable: Partnering to Improve Health and Healthcare
29 / May / 2013
Christopher Hayes is Commonwealth Fund's Canadian Harkness Fellow