Patient and Family Engagement

Involving people: The path to improvement

CFHI is the exclusive Canadian partner for IPFCC's "Better Together: Partnering With Families" campaign. Learn more »

Putting patients at the centre of their care

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement supports initiatives that engage patients and families in designing, delivering and evaluating health services, with the goal of improving the quality of care. From our work supporting 17 organizations across Canada, we know that co-designing improvements with patients and families leads to new insights and better results than providers and leaders working on their own. By harnessing the tremendous potential of engagement to drive improvement, we help organizations understand and create the winning conditions to accelerate healthcare improvement.

Partnering with Patients and Families for Quality Improvement: A new CFHI collaborative

CFHI is supporting 22 teams from healthcare organizations across Canada to partner with patients and families on quality improvement initiatives. Teams span the continuum of care with diverse projects focusing on self-management of chronic conditions, transitions in care and more. Learn more »

Read about our 17 Patient Engagement Projects (PEP)

2011    2010

The PEP initiative, launched in spring 2010, supported 17 health leaders across Canada who were either involving patients in decisions about service design and delivery or increasing patients’ capacity for engaging more meaningfully in such decision-making. 10 PEPs were funded in 2010 and an additional seven were funded in 2011.

Projects have led to improvements in access, patient safety, efficiency and many other quality domains. Learn more about their impact:

Resource Hub -- now available

CFHI has worked with many organizations that are engaging patients and families to help improve healthcare. As a result, we have a high level of knowledge about resources available for involving patients, families and caregivers in the design, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services. We have compiled a collection of resources that will provide easy access to patient engagement tools proven useful in Canada and internationally.

Webinar series

The PEP program team is working to bring new resources on emerging lessons, promising practices and stories in patient engagement. We are hosting a four-part webinar series that examine the following topics:

  • What is patient engagement and why do it?
  • Engaging patients effectively, meaningfully and appropriately
  • Building a culture of engagement: the staff, patient and leadership trilogy
  • Performance measurement and patient engagement

To register, please visit our Improvement On Call Patient and Family Engagement Series page.

Ingredients to successful patient engagement

In 2012, we brought together members from across 10 PEP teams, including patients, providers and researchers, for a workshop in which they created six brief documents that explore specific patient engagement themes. The goal was to create documentation about PEP “field” experience and evidence to date. As such, the briefs represent a moment in time in the PEP experience. Read the six thematic briefs:

See first-hand how patient engagement can lead to improvement

Hear about why and how organizations are embedding the patient voice in their quality improvement efforts. Watch the videos »

What if patient engagement were more pervasive?

CFHI’s “What if” series of papers stimulates discussion on policy options for improving healthcare. To learn more about the challenges, benefits and successes of patient engagement. Read our paper entitled, What if: patients’ experiences guided quality improvement and organization change? 

Learn the truth about some common misconceptions

CFHI produces Mythbusters   on a regular basis as part of our work disseminating knowledge about healthcare in Canada. Read about the myth that high patient satisfaction means high quality care.

Featured Improvement Project

“The solutions to the health challenges of today and tomorrow won’t come from doing business as usual; they will come from building effective partnerships and harnessing the untapped global power of ordinary people who care about improving their health... Whatever health challenges face your country, effective engagement will prove to be an important part of the solution.”  
—Professor The Lord Darzi and Susan Edgman-Levitan