True collaboration in healthcare is about more than like-minded people working together. True collaboration takes place when healthcare professionals from across jurisdictions and across disciplines bring to bear their unique knowledge, skills and experiences to resolve persistent challenges, perform vital functions and tackle common problems—together.

Realizing the value and impact of true collaboration

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The Collaboration for Innovation and Improvement program appreciates that true collaboration is the essence of high-quality, affordable healthcare. Through our collaborations, we bring together ambitious, talented healthcare professionals such as executives, administrators, managers, practitioners and government officials. We also include patients and their families. And we reach across jurisdictions—cities, regions, provinces and territories—so that these healthcare professionals and their improvement teams can work together to adapt and adopt successful approaches to similar challenges. As such, our collaborations are regional in focus and pan-Canadian in reach.

As our collaborations begin to prove their success, we share the results as widely as possible so that all healthcare decision-makers, administrators and providers can benefit.

Our current collaborations

We’re putting our proven approach to use in several collaborations in regions, provinces and territories across Canada. For instance, we’re collaborating with:

We want to collaborate with you

Key partners in developing and steering these initiatives with us are chief executives of health service delivery organizations and regional health authorities, along with senior policy-makers in provincial and territorial departments of health. We’re eager to forge active collaborations and to connect with healthcare leaders to put into practice in their organizations and jurisdictions the proven successes from our collaborations.

Together, let’s realize the value and impact of true collaboration and provide better health, better care and better value for all Canadians.