Take the Better Together Pledge

Family presence improves patient experience and outcomes. Hospitals that are beginning to contemplate changing policies are encouraged to take the pledge, as are hospitals that have already begun the change process and are moving to adopt family presence policies.

The Better Together campaign pledge consists of at least one of the following:

  1. A commitment at a healthcare leadership level to review your organization’s current visiting hour policies and website with input from patients, families, clinicians and other staff, including those who have direct experience with ‘visiting’ policies;
  2. A commitment to develop a family presence policy; and
  3. A commitment to implement family presence policies and monitor impacts.


5 Reasons to Take the Better Together Pledge


Better Together

Who can pledge?

Healthcare organizations spanning the continuum of care – including hospitals, health authorities, long term care facilities and others – are welcome to take the pledge.

Pledging organizations will be listed on CFHI’s website and have the opportunity to become part of an online learning community to share strategies, challenges and successes.

CFHI is supporting pledging hospitals to make this change by providing a change package of resources to help make the change and implement family presence policies at their institution.