Changing the status quo  

The PREVIEW-ED© Spread Collaborative is an improvement initiative offered to residential care (RC) homes across Fraser Health and Interior Health to improve care for seniors living in these homes.

Participating homes are implementing the PREVIEW-ED© screening tool to ensure that avoidable emergency department (ED) visits for the four tool sensitive conditions are prevented, improving care for residents and promoting the effective use of health care resources.  CFHI, Fraser Health and Interior Health are working together to spread and evaluate PREVIEW-ED© across the regions in two phases. Forty residential care homes from Fraser Health and three homes from Interior Health are participating in Phase I based on their readiness to implement the innovation. All Care Homes in Fraser Health will implement PREVIEW-ED© by the end of March, 2017.

The Interior Health roll out will use the Quality Improvement methodology of cycles to test, learn and spread this initiative. The goal for a regional implementation is June 2017.

The objectives of the PREVIEW-ED© Spread Collaborative are to:

  • improve the quality and experience of residential care residents, families and staff
  • reduce avoidable ED visits of RC residents
  • build individual and organizational capacity in designing, implementing, evaluating, sustaining and spreading innovations in health care

“CFHI is proud to be working shoulder to shoulder with both Fraser Health and Interior Health Authorities and EXTRA fellow, Marilyn El Bestawi, in the spread of the PREVIEW-ED© tool to residential care homes across Fraser Health and Interior Health. This innovative screening tool will reduce emergency department transfers in a frail elderly population that is vulnerable to decline.”    

Maureen O’Neil, President, CFHI

“The PREVIEW-ED© tool is an excellent way to raise the voices of care aides, who are intimately involved in the daily lives of residents in residential care. The tool gives them a mechanism to communicate changes they notice in residents in order for professional staff to intervene earlier. This improves the experiences of providing care. We’re pleased to partner with CFHI and Marilyn El Bestawi to use and spread the Preview Tool throughout Fraser Health.”

Michael Marchbank, CEO Fraser Health Authority

“The PREVIEW-ED© tool will enhance care team communication regarding observed changes in our residents, leading nursing staff to conduct an early assessment and intervention and enabling timely engagement with both family members and our physicians. Interior Health is pleased to be entering phase one of this project with CFHI and Marilyn”.

Donna Wunderlich, Director Residential Initiatives, Interior Health, BC

Benefits of the PREVIEW-ED© Spread Collaborative

  • Support from CFHI in conjunction with Fraser Health and Interior Health to implement, evaluate and spread proven evidence-informed senior care practices
  • Peer-to-peer networking and exchange 
  • Educational webinars
  • Collaborate as an interprofessional team
  • Support for performance measurement and evaluation
  • Access to online learning tools and activities
  • An in-person workshop 
  • Support for capacity building in quality improvement methodology and tools
  • Individual coaching for troubleshooting and support, as needed
  • Access to experts who have led quality improvement initiatives in long term care (LTC) across Canada and internationally

Teams also benefit from coaching, peer-to-peer learning and the online learning desktop resources, tools and e-forums.