The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement identifies proven innovations and accelerates their spread across Canada by supporting healthcare organizations to adapt, implement and measure improvements in patient care, population health and value-for-money. We focus on:

  • Building leadership and skill capacity: We enhance organizational capacity to champion and lead improvement.
  • Enabling patient, family and community engagement: We catalyze healthcare innovation by involving those who experience, and need care as experts in improvement and co-design.
  • Applying improvement methodology: We use improvement tools and methods to drive measureable results towards better patient care, better health and better value.
  • Creating collaboratives to spread evidence-informed improvement: We bring together ‘coalitions of the willing’ and support these networks of change agents to implement improvement across Canada.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to improve health and care for all Canadians.

CFHI Improvement Approach

CFHI Improvement Approach over the short term, medium term, and long term infographic

* Leaders include healthcare executives, managers and providers.

See the full PDF version of the CFHI Improvement Approach