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Service-Based Funding and Paying for Performance: Experience, Evidence and Future Prospects

Service-based funding and pay-for-performance are relatively new and controversial features in publicly-funded healthcare systems around the world, including Canada's. Also known as "patient-focused funding" or "activity-based funding," they are used by insurance plans as an alternative to global budgets. Their introduction can represent a significant challenge for healthcare leaders. Proponents argue these policies can promote greater accountability and cost-efficiency in healthcare organizations, but critics argue that the devil is in the details and suggest that the processes are complex, difficult to administer, and vulnerable to gaming.

Over the course of the day, participants heard first-hand from senior leaders who have lived through the implementation of these policies and from experts who have studied the results.

Service-Based Funding and Pay for Performance: Will Incentive Payments Give Canadian Healthcare the Quality Boost it Needs? published in Healthcare Quarterly [2009; 12(3)] by Jane Coutts and Jennifer Thornhill

2009 CEO Forum program, speaker biographies and information on service-based funding and paying for performance

• Overview of the 2009 CEO Forum - Terry Sullivan (audio)

• Morning panel discussion: "High stakes performance measurement, public reporting and pay for performance"

  • Moderator: Terry Sullivan
  • Speakers: Arnold Epstein (ppt / audio), Tim Doran (ppt / audio), and Alan Hudson (ppt / audio)

• Afternoon panel discussion: "Coping with the change in Canada: Best and emerging practice"