A one-day annual event that brings together CEOs, senior leaders, deputy ministers and prominent experts to share their knowledge, perspective and experience on key issues in healthcare policy and management.


Patient- and family-centred care and efficiency: Complementary aims?

Held February 6, 2013 at the Hotel Omni Mont-Royal in Montreal

The seventh annual, 2013 CEO Forum promoted dialogue on implementation strategies for achieving efficiencies, improving disease management, and introducing new technologies, all through the lens of being patient- and family-centred. The Forum was chaired by Dr. Terrence Sullivan. Joining a group of esteemed healthcare leaders as presenters and panellists at the event is The Honourable Fred Horne, Minister of Health, Alberta. 

The Report on the Seventh Annual CEO Forum

The Program (including the agenda and the complete list of speaker biographies)

The Backgrounder on CFHI's Patient Engagement Projects (PEP)


Welcome and Introduction to Themes

  • Maureen O’Neil, President, CFHI » Video 
  • Terrence Sullivan, Chair, CEO Forum » Video 
  • Shelley McKay, Patient advocate » Video 

Healthcare Efficiency and Patient- and Family-Centred Care: What are the Public’s Views?

Address from Alberta

  • Introduced by Shelly Jamieson, CEO, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer 
  • The Honourable Fred Horne, Alberta Minister of Health » Video

Recommendations for Improving Canada’s Healthcare System 

  • Introduced by Wendy Nicklin, CEO, Accreditation Canada
  • Jeffrey Simpson, author of Chronic Condition: Why Canada’s Health Care System Needs to be Dragged Into the 21st Century » Video 

Achieving Efficiencies Through Innovative Health Service Delivery Models

» Discussion Panel video 
  • Innovations in Primary Care Models in Canada - Marie-Dominique Beaulieu, President, College of Family Physicians of Canada » Video » Presentation
  • Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative - Mark Wyatt, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health » Video » Presentation
  • Palliative and Therapeutic Harmonization (PATH) - Chris Power, President and CEO, Capital Health, Nova Scotia » Video » Presentation
  • Improving Access with Advanced Practice Physiotherapists - Deborah Kennedy, Manager, Rehabilitation and Program Development, Sunnybrook’s Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre » Video » Presentation

Moderated by André Picard, Public Health Reporter, The Globe and Mail

Introduction, Diffusion and Exit of New (non-drug) Technologies

» Discussion Panel video 
  • Diabetic Test Strips Story - Peggy Dunbar, Manager, Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia » Video » Presentation
  • An Evidence-Based Strategic Approach to the Reallocation of Resources - Daniel La Roche, Director, Assessment, Quality and Strategic Planning, CHU de Québec » Video » Presentation
  • Telehomecare Program - Heather Sherrard, Vice President, Clinical Services, University of Ottawa Heart Institute » Video  » Presentation

Moderated by Brian O’Rourke, President and CEO, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health » Video 

Changing the Paradigm of Neonatal Care

  • Shoo Lee, Scientific Director, CIHR’s Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health » Video » Presentation

Creating and Managing Patient Pathways

» Discussion Panel video 
  • Strategic Clinical Networks - Tom Noseworthy, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Strategic Clinical Networks and Clinical Care Pathways, Alberta Health Services » Video » Presentation
  • Cancer Care Ontario Disease Pathways - Carol Sawka, Vice President, Clinical Programs and Quality Initiatives, Cancer Care Ontario » Video » Presentation
  • C-Change Initiative - Peter Liu, Scientific Director, University of Ottawa Heart Institute » Video » Presentation
  • RNAO Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Program - Doris Grinspun, CEO, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario » Video » Presentation

Moderated by Terrence Sullivan, Chair, CEO Forum

Moving Forward with Patients and Family as Partners 

  • Eleanor Rivoire, Chief Nursing Executive, Kingston General Hospital and Anndale McTavish, Patient Experience Advisor, Kingston General Hospital » Video



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