Canadian Masterclass on Managing a Health System through an Economic Downturn

  • Dates: 17 – 17 May, 2011
  • Location: London, England, UNITED KINGDOM
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Kelly Ripley
  • <strong>Email:</strong> <a href=''></a>
  • Website:
  • <strong>Phone:</strong> 613-728-2238 ext. 221

Type of event: CHSRF-sponsored event, by invitation only

The purpose of this one-day master class was to draw on experience from Canada in the early to mid-1990s to inform strategies for managing the National Health Service (NHS) through its current financial challenges. The masterclass was led by senior health leaders involved in provincial decision-making at the time in Canada, offering a real-life perspective on how decisions regarding the decommissioning and closure of hospitals were made and justified; how reactions from physician associations and the public were managed; and how the system evolved as the economy recovered.

The masterclass was aimed at senior government officials, senior commissioners and trust managers in the English NHS.

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Current state of NHS reforms, Judith Smith, Head of Policy, The Nuffield Trust (PDF, 450 KB)

Spending on Health 2011-2015, Anita Charlesworth, Chief Economist, The Nuffield Trust  (PDF, 270 KB)

Canadian health spending: Managing in a downturn (1990-1999), Terrence Sullivan, Terrence Sullivan & Associates (PDF, 1.39 MB)

Healthcare reform in Saskatchewan in the 1990s: Lessons from the Minister of Health, Louise Simard, Former Minister of Health, Saskatchewan (PDF, 536 KB)

Restructuring Health and Hospital Services: The Ontario Experience, Marc Rochon, CEO, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (PDF, 2.28 MB)

Post-session interviews

CHSRF Masterclass—Canada's downturn: the scale of the challenge
Interview with Terrence Sullivan


CHSRF Masterclass—Closing hospitals: the case of Saskatchewan 
Interview with Louise Simard


CHSRF Masterclass—Reconfiguring hospitals: the case of Ontario
Interview with Mark Rochon


CHSRF Masterclass—How Canada managed health budget cuts
Interview with CHSRF President Maureen O’Neil


CHSRF Masterclass—What can the NHS learn from Canada?
Interview with Dr. Judith Smith, Nuffield Trust’s Head of Policy

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