European Health Management Association Conference: “Integration in Health and Healthcare”

  • Dates: 22 – 24 Jun, 2011
  • Location: Porto, PORTUGAL
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Conference organized by the European Health Management Association (EHMA)
  • Website:

Type of event: CHSRF Speaker

CHSRF Session

Building a Culture of Evidence Informed Decision-Making in the Community: Application of Learning’s from EXTRA

Growing fiscal pressures necessitate tough decisions. Evidence-informed decision-making may be commonly used in the clinical setting. However, the application of data to inform community programs is limited. In healthcare, data are collected, yet only a small percentage is used in meaningful ways. The Executive Training for Research Application (EXTRA) Program strives to assist executives in acquiring skills that enable them to lead cultural change in the Canadian healthcare system. This presentation illustrates examples where a vice-president and director with EXTRA training have started to explore and use data to drive change in the community.

Panel presenters

  • Elaine Rankin, Director of Population Health and Primary Care
  • Lindsay Campbell Peach, Vice President of Population Health and Continuing Care for the Cape Breton District Health Authority in Nova Scotia


CHSRF Posters

The time has come: training to accelerate informed change

This poster describes CHSRF’s unique suite of training platforms and present strategies for tailored programming that is designed in collaboration with national and regional partners. These programs support our partners in meeting the complex demands of health service delivery and policy in 2011 and beyond.

Mobilizing change, learning from innovation: Accelerating primary healthcare transformation in Canada

Creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and the formation of new networks and partnerships is an effective strategy for mobilizing change in primary healthcare. Picking Up the Pace was a unique and successful example of this strategy, connecting key decision-makers, sharing innovations and strengthening networks committed to the positive transformation of primary healthcare in Canada. A second, important focus of the poster is showcasing the success of the IPCDC in using these connections to mobilize change in Quebec.