Atlantic Regional Policy Dialogue on Health System Transformation

  • Dates: 09 – 09 May, 2011
  • Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Kevin Barclay
  • <strong>Email:</strong> <a href=''></a>

CHSRF Hosted Event - By Invitation 

Summary Report (PDF, 414 KB)

An invited session for senior leaders in Eastern Canada to explore explore transformation themes in the context of Atlantic Region experiences.

Professor Jean-Louis Denis from the Quebec National School of Public Administration will open the session with an assessment of progress in health reform in Canada since the signing of the Health Accord.

His research has identified a number of factors key to achieving health system transformation (Realignment of the system, the role of organizations in supporting change, the influence of professional cultures, creating an enabling environment, the role of public engagement, the influence of evidence).

In addition, regional stories of transformation will be shared.

Participants will have an opportunity to comment on the essential elements of transformation and to share their own stories of transformation through a facilitated dialogue. Our intention is for participants to gain insights that will help them further transformation within their jurisdictions.