Towards Canadian Health Equity Standards Symposium

  • Dates: 26 – 26 Feb, 2013
  • Location: Toronto, ON, CANADA
  • Address: Metropolitan Hotel
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Jennifer Verma
  • <strong>Email:</strong> <a href=''></a>

Hosted by the Canadian Consortium for Health Equity, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children and the Wellesley Institute, Toronto, Ontario

CFHI participation: Jennifer Verma, Director, Collaboration for Innovation and Improvement, CFHI

Presentation: Embedding Health Equity Standards into Quality Improvement


Developing effective evidence-based health equity standards and incorporating them in quality improvement initiatives, while still pursuing other opportunities, are one potentially crucial mechanism for operationalizing equity. The goal of the Towards Canadian Health Equity Standards Symposium is to further develop the health equity standards framework and begin to build the broad professional and institutional support necessary to effectively implement and maximize the impact of the standards. During the symposium, we will tackle the complex task of developing the health equity standards framework, discuss the myriad of issues and challenges to consider for implementation, build national support for the initiative, and create plans to move forward with operationalizing Canadian health equity standards.