CFHI at the International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care 2014

  • Dates: 07 – 08 Aug, 2014
  • Location: Vancouver, BC, CANADA
  • Address: Westin Bayshore
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Christine Maika (CFHI)
  • <strong>Email:</strong> <a href=''></a>

CFHI is proud to be a program partner for this year’s 6th International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care. As such, many of the sessions will be featuring CFHI stakeholders, staff and trustees. 

While on site visit our booth (#2) and take the time to read our posters on various topics: 

  • Creating a Patient Engagement Resource Kit with Patients, Providers, and Leaders 
  • Engaging Patients and Families to Develop Safety Indicators for Rehabilitation
  • Minobimaadizing “At the Place of Good Living” — Developing a People and Community-Driven Health Service Delivery Model

Featured CFHI sessions:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meaningful Patient and Family Partnerships: Evidence and Leadership (Plenary)

Speakers: CFHI Chair Leslee Thompson, CEO of Kingston General Hospital, Ross Baker, PHD, Professor and Program Director, MSc. Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto and Lead of CFHI commissioned research and Sue Sheridan, MBA, MIM, Director of Patient Engagement for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Summary: Hear about the critical role that partnerships with patients and families play in healthcare improvement as well as the evolving role of patients and families in reshaping the healthcare systems.

Engaging Survivors to Improve Patient Experiences Throughout the Cancer Journey - (F3) (Concurrent Session)

Speakers: Anya Humphrey, BA, Patient and Family Advisor, Lesley Moody, HBSc, MBA, PhD, Senior Manager, Person-Centered Care, Cancer Care Ontario, and Christine Maika, BSc, Program Officer, Patient Engagement and Improvement, CFHI

Summary: Hear how Cancer Care Ontario and cancer survivors created a Patient and Family Advisory Council to improve patient experience across the continuum of cancer care in Ontario while carefully considering readiness and sustainability.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Partnering with Patients and Families for Healthcare Improvement in Canada (Breakfast Session)

Join us for breakfast. Learn how the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement is supporting initiatives that engage patients and families in designing, delivering and evaluating health services, with the goal of improving the quality of care. Join Leslee Thompson, CEO of Kingston General Hospital and CFHI Chair, Stephen Samis, CFHI’s Vice-President, Programs, Maria Judd, CFHI’s Senior Director of Patient Engagement and Improvement as well as patient and family advisors to hear how we can help you deliver care that is more patient- and family-centred, coordinated, safe and efficient.

During the session, CFHI will announce the 22 teams accepted into the Partnering with Patients and Families for Quality Improvement Collaborative, which focuses on harnessing the tremendous potential of patient and family engagement to drive quality improvement in healthcare.

Additional concurrent sessions featuring CFHI fellows and partners:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

An Evidence-Based Approach to Partnering with Patient and Family Advisors on Quality Councils - (E1)

Speakers: Laura Wheatley, BA, MHSc, CHE, Senior Manager, Clinical Planning and Development, Michelle Joyner, BS, MBA, Director, Strategic Planning and Winnie Doyle, MN, BScN, Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive; St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

Summary: Hear these experts share their evidence-based approach to partnering with patients and family advisors to improve quality and patient safety, engage in meaningful collaboration, and shift organizational culture.

Brief Action Planning: Building Skills for Patients as Partners - (F7)

Speakers: Carey Cook, Client Support, Living Positive Resource Centre, Connie Davis, BSN, GNP, MSN, RN, Program Director, Centre for Comprehensive Motivational Interventions, Lori Godin, BSN, RNC, Project Leader, Clinical Programs and Operations Home Health, Fraser Health and Caryl Harper, BA, BSN, RN, Director, Patients as Partners, BC Ministry of Health.

Summary: Hear how the BC Ministry of Health adopted Patients as Partners as a philosophy, which was embed in care by means of teaching patients, families, and other professionals new ways of interacting with each other.

Patients and Professionals Partner to Redesign Inpatient Care: What Contributes to Successful Engagement in Improvement? - (G9)

Speakers: Mario Di Carlo, BA, Marjolaine Frenette, BSN, RN, MAc TCAB Facilitator/Nurse Practice Consultant, Patricia O’Connor, MSN, RN, CHE, FCCHL, Director of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer, McGill University Health Centre and Anu MacIntosh-Murray, PhD, University of Toronto.

Summary: Hear how patients, staff, and leaders partnered to improve safety, effectiveness, and efficiency “through the eyes of patients” and reflect on how increasing organizational capacity for collaboration and shared decision-making can lead to improvements in patient, staff, and organizational outcomes. Learn key questions to ask to gauge organizational readiness to successfully support patient engagement in improvement and redesign initiatives.

Engaging Cancer Survivors Along the Continuum of Clinical Standards Development: Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Experience and Lessons Learned - (H1)

Speakers: Robin McGee, BA, MA, PhD, Registered Psychologist, Volunteer and Jill Petrella, MHA, Manager, Quality and Cancer Site Teams, Cancer Care Nova Scotia.

Summary: Hear how Cancer Care Nova Scotia has actively engaged cancer survivors in the development of clinical standards. Cancer survivors have been involved at every level of their work. These experts will describe their initiatives and lessons learned.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Engaging Patients and Families as Partners on Interprofessional Hospital Unit Action Councils: Advancing Quality and Person-Centred Care - (I2)

Speaker: Dianne Gaffney, BS, MS, RD, Corporate Lead Professional Practice, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, Carole Orchard, BSN, MEd, RN, EdD, Associate Professor & Coordinator of Interprofessional Health Education & Research, Western University and Laura Payton, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, St. Mary’s Memorial Hospital.

Summary: This presentation will share the results of a study that was conducted in four community hospitals, the purpose of which was to determine the impact on quality of care achieved through patient and family membership on Interdisciplinary Unit Action Councils.

Partnerships in Action: Patient Collaboration in Successful Health Care Redesign - (J4)

Speakers: Delia Cooper, MA, Patient Voices Network, Robert Levy, MD, FRCPC, Specialists Lead, Providence Health Care Chronic Disease Management Strategy, Garey Mazowita, MD, CCFP FCFP,Family Practice Lead, Providence Health Care Chronic Disease Management Strategy and Margot Wilson, MSN, CHE, Director, Chronic Disease Management Strategy, Providence Health Care.

Summary: Providence Health Care led a collaboration to streamline patient transitions between primary and specialty care. To ensure inclusion of the patient perspective, patients participated in the team to identify gaps in care and develop and test prototypes for healthcare redesign.

Practical Wisdom: Simple Tools for Transforming Patient Experience in Real World Care Settings - (L1)

Speakers: Sheila Smith, BScOT, MLIS, Senior Consultant, Patient Engagement and Marisa Vigna, BSc, Patient/Family Advisor, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton.

Summary: Alberta Health Services has created an innovative approach to knowledge translation. This approach engages, inspires, and empowers caregivers and leaders to embed patient and family centred care and patient engagement practices throughout diverse healthcare settings.

Engaging the ‘Patient’ in Conducting Patient Experience Surveying: How One Organization Is Partnering with Advisors to Hear the Voice of Our Patients - (L9)

Speakers: Lisa Clatney, BA, MA, Client and Family Care Specialist and Heather Thiessen, Patient/Family Advisor, Saskatoon Health Region.

Summary: Measuring the patient’s experience allows us to understand the impact of our services and focus efforts around what matters to patients and families. Learn how these experts are partnering with patient advisors to implement patient experience surveys in an innovative way.