BC Quality Forum 2017

  • Dates: 02 – 03 Mar, 2017
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Address: Hyatt Regency Vancouver Hotel

Join the BC Quality Forum from March 2 to 3 in Vancouver, BC. CFHI is a proud sponsor of the Forum

For more information: qualityforum.ca

CFHI Participation:

CFHI is proud to be a silver sponsor of the BC Quality Forum.

Come visit our booth and join our breakout sessions:


FRIDAY, MARCH 3 | 1115 – 1215


Rethinking “Patient Engagement” Evaluation: A Mixed Methods Approach
CFHI identifies proven innovations and accelerates their spread across Canada by supporting healthcare organizations to adapt, implement and measure improvements in patient care, population health and value-for-money. In 2014, CFHI launched Partnering with Patients and Families for Quality Improvement, a 16-month Collaborative that included patient and family advisors as core team members, partnering in designing, delivering and evaluating healthcare services on the 22 teams that formed the Collaborative.

The evaluation plan was structured around two hypotheses: 1) involving patients and families in identifying and designing improvements to care leads to different insights and better results; and 2) partnering with patients and families improves team effectiveness.

Survey results highlighted the commitment required of patients and family members to undertake improvement; a need for articulated and shared expectations of roles and participation; and a process to deal with disagreements. SNA identified differences between teams in network structure and interaction patterns, which impacted project outcomes. The interviews provided qualitative data on how participation in the Collaborative impacted organizational activities, culture and leadership and highlighted the importance of these in successfully engaging patient and families in QI.

The Collaborative was designed to test hypotheses and understand in quantitative and qualitative terms how engaging patients and family members in care design impacts quality improvement. It generated rich learnings about organizations’ readiness to engage with patients/families in care design, how care team members can be most effectively engaged and motivated to work collaboratively; and how data can facilitate momentum and act as an effective catalyst for improvement. The Collaborative also demonstrated that effective partnerships between patients, families, providers and administrators can achieve improved results.

Jessie Checkley
Senior Improvement Lead
Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Maria Judd
Senior Director
Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Kaye Phillips
Senior Director
Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement



THURSDAY, MARCH 2 | 1000 – 1100

Family presence enables patients to designate one or more family members – family as defined by the patient – as partners in care who are welcomed to be present with their loved one during hospitalization. Evidence shows this can improve patient experience and outcomes. This interactive session will provide the opportunity to learn from the Better Together Campaign and e-Collaborative, where the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement has been supporting teams across Canada in the adoption and implementation of family presence policies. Resources and lessons learned will be shared, in addition to the story of Providence Health Care’s own experience, the challenges and successes, with implementing family presence/open visitation policies and practices since 2013. We will explore current and future mindsets that will support this important work.

Kate McNamee
Practice Consultant, Care Experience Strategic Direction
Providence Health Care