The Taming of the Queue has been a highly successful annual conference series, ending in 2015. The Canadian Medical Association would like to thank everyone who has contributed to and participated in the Taming of the Queue over the years.

Taming of the Queue 2015

Improving Timely, Appropriate Care for Patients in an Aging Society

Taming of the Queue 2015 conference, was held April 16-17, 2015 in Ottawa, at the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel.



Day 1 - April 16, 2015

An overview of Canada’s frail elderly population

The role of patients and informal care givers

Keynote address

  • Sir John Oldham – Institute Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London (England)

Integrated community care models

Wait-time strategies across the OECD

Managing future demand for care

Day 2 - April 17, 2015

Managing complex social and health needs

About Taming of the Queue

Since 2004, the annual Taming of the Queue (TQ) conference has brought together a community of interest from across Canada to discuss access and wait time issues. Representing a wide range of perspectives, conference participants assess progress being made on wait-time measurement and management. Sponsored by several national health stakeholders, these events have enhanced knowledge about the issue, while exchanging best practices and helping to shape the public policy agenda.