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Poster Exhibits

The following six posters were exhibited during the 2011 Taming of the Queue conference:

  1. Reducing Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Days by Improving Patient Flow Between Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PDF)
    Authors: Kim Lenahan, Sarah Sharpe, Carol Holmes, Anita Low
    Acknowledgements: S. Bunagan, E. Durochre, H. Elliott, C. Holmes, A. Low, C. Marziliano, T. Pulfer, H. Sebastian, S. Sharpe, and A. Wong. L. Vincent, J. Bennett, K. Velji
    Organizational Affiliation: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto, ON)

  2. Video Consultation in Remote Communities (PDF)
    Author: Michael Jong
    Organizational Affiliation: Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University (St. John's, NL)

  3. Provincial ALC Long Wait Survey Analysis (PDF)
    Authors: Tandis Mahboubi, Stephen McAteer
    Organizational Affiliation: Cancer Care Ontario (Toronto, ON)

  4. Using accreditation to improve access to health services in Aboriginal communities (PDF)
    Authors: Stephanie Carpenter, Michelle Lee, Jonathan Mitchell
    Organizational Affiliation: Accreditation Canada (Ottawa, ON)

  5. The Effect of Electronic Decision Support for Diagnostic Imaging in a Rural Primary Care Clinic (PDF)
    Authors: Dr Lynn Curry, Dr Martin Reed
    Organizational Affiliation: The Canadian Association of Radiologists (Winnipeg, MB)

  6. BC's Patient Prioritization Initiative (PDF)
    Authors: Munjeet (Margi) Bhalla, Donna Bush
    Organizational Affiliation: Surgical Services, Health Authorities Division, Ministry of Health Services, British Columbia)

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