Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange Patient PartnerIn 2019, CFHI hosted the Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange. It was moderated by the event partners and supporting organizations on the Steering Committee. Patient engagement leaders, including provincial/organizational leaders in patient engagement, patient partners/leaders and community members from across Canada were brought together to consider diversity in patient engagement methods and resulting improvements in healthcare and service delivery. In total, seventy-four leaders from eight provinces and one territory contributed to this learning exchange.

Aims of the Learning Exchange

  1. To collectively develop common principles that will progress engagement initiatives with diverse populations.
  2. To identify and share emerging and proven wise engagement approaches in the Canadian context that demonstrate the value of engagement that lead to improvements for diverse patient populations that can be promoted, spread, and adapted for use within health jurisdictions/organizations across Canada.
  3. To gain new insights and understanding into the complexities of engaging with diverse patient populations to help progress engagement work across Canada.
  4. To learn new and innovative ways to maximize engagement opportunities, and how to manage challenges appropriately and effectively.
  5. To enhance the capacity of PE leaders (patient, healthcare, system leaders)

The Learning Exchange consisted of a keynote address, focusing on health equity through an intersectional and trauma-informed care lens, and six case studies that featured engagement initiatives of organizations across Canada that had engaged with diverse patient and community populations to support improvements in care, service delivery, and system level change. Case studies were highlighted in three categories: Provincial-level initiatives, Mental Health and Community-based initiatives.

Throughout the learning exchange, discussions emerged in areas related to:

  1. The importance of a foundation of relationship and trust in engagement with diverse populations
  2. The importance of flexibility and meeting people where they are at in their healthcare journey
  3. Being both willing to learn and unlearn about engagement, and being flexible with engagement methodologies
  4. The desire to continue the conversation and sharing of wise practices

Read the full Report of the Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange.

The following Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange sessions were recorded and are now available in video format.

Valuing All Voices: Developing a Trauma-Informed, Intersectional Framework for Patient and Public Engagement in Health Research

George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation
Speakers: Carolyn Shimmin, Patricia Roche and Serena Hickes

Presentation: Valuing All Voices
Resource: Valuing All Voices

Setting the Stage – Review of the Literature and Terminology

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Speaker: Anila Sunnak

Presentation: Setting the Stage

Case Study: Provincial Initiatives
The Equity in the Engagement Framework

Cancer Care Ontario and Rainbow Health
Speakers: Brett Nicholls and Tamara Boric

Presentation: The Equity in the Engagement Framework
Resource: Patient and Family Advisor Socio-Demographic Survey

Parent Collaboration and Adolescent Consultation - Developing a Clinical Practice Guideline for Empowerment for Young People 6 to 21 Years of Age with Intellectual Disabilities

L’Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux
Speakers: Michel Mercier and Julie Bergeron

Presentation: Parent Collaboration and Adolescent Consultation

Case Study: Mental Health
Adult Addictions Advisory Committee

Saskatchewan Health Authority
Speakers: Tracy Muggli and Shane Partridge

Presentation: Adult Addictions Advisory Committee

Youth Mental Health Coalition

Parkland Alberta
Speakers: Alison Connors, Marti Pickett, Amanda Wheeler and Trisha Vyse

Presentation: Youth Mental Health Coalition 

Case Study: From the Community
Involving People Who Use Drugs in Co-Designing Health Services

Edmonton Inner City Health
Speakers: Ginetta Salvalaggio and Shanell Twan

Presentation: Involving People Who Use Drugs in Co-Designing Health Services
Resource: Nothing About Us Without Us Booklet
Resource: Peerology Guide 

Community Health Teams – Building Healthier Communities

Nova Scotia Health Authority
Speakers: Shannon Ryan-Carson, Lisa Sutherland, Joanne Probert and David Surette

Presentation: Building Healthier Communities

Partners and Supporting Organizations on the Steering Committee for the Learning Exchange

Last Updated: November 2019