CHSRF chartbook on quality healthcare reintroduced today

“Quality of Healthcare in Canada: A Chartbook” by Kim Sutherland and Sheila Leatherman was published in 2010 by CHSRF in partnership with CIHI, CPSI and Statistics Canada. This issue of Healthcare Papers features the lead article, “Chartbook: Shining a Light on the Quality of Healthcare in Canada, What can be learned to catalyze improvements in healthcare quality?” by the chartbook authors, Kim and Sheila, along with Susan Law, Vice-President, Academic Affairs, St. Mary's Hospital Center and Jennifer Verma and Stephen Petersen of CHSRF. This issue also features the following contributors, along with a special CHSRF Foreword:

  • Brown, A. & Sullivan, T. 2012. “How Long Can We Enjoy B-Player Status?”
  • Florizone, D. 2012. “Quality of Healthcare in Canada: Potential for a Pan-Canadian Measurement Standard.”
  • Corbett, S. 2012. “Incentives Required to Drive Change”
  • Watson, D.E. 2012. “Can a Book of Charts Catalyze Improvements in Quality? Views of a Healthcare Alchemist.”
  • Veillard, J., C. Gula, T. Huynh and N. Klazinga. 2012. “Measuring and Reporting on Quality of Care Patient Safety in Canada: Focusing on What Matters.”

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