The journey towards building a culture of evidence: A must-read

Building Better Health Care Leadership for Canada

This book explains how the Executive Training for Research Application (EXTRA) program works to create a culture of evidence use by healthcare leaders. Its premise: superior management decisions are informed by evidence.

The English edition is now available from McGill-Queen’s University Press. The French edition will be available for purchase summer 2012.

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This book brings together the perspectives of key health leaders and thinkers in a reflection on the EXTRA program. It charts the policy and management imperatives for such a program, outlines the core elements of the curriculum, and captures the real-world experience of how regional leaders and EXTRA fellows involved in making specific changes informed by research-based evidence have been influenced by the program.

Contributors include Jean-Louis Denis, Terrence Sullivan, Owen Adams, Malcolm Anderson, Lynda Atack, Robert S. Bell, Sylvie Cantin, Susan Donaldson, Ward Flemons, Dorothy Forbes, Paula N. Goering, Karen Golden-Biddle, Jeffrey S. Hoch, Paul Lamarche, Ann Langley, John N. Lavis,  Melanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Manon Lemonde, Jonathan Lomas, Margo Orchard, Raynald Pineault, Brian D. Postl, Chris Power, Trish Reay, Stéphane Rivard, Jean Rochon, Lorna Romilly, Denis A. Roy, Andrea Seymour, Samuel B. Sheps, Lyn Shula, Ingrid Sketris, Nina Stipich, David L. Streiner, Carl Taillon, Richard Thornley, Stephen Tomblin, and Muriah Umoquit.


The EXTRA program is a fellowship designed to equip healthcare executives from across Canada with the skills and knowledge to become change agents in healthcare improvement. It offers unique opportunities for teams to conduct evidence-informed intervention projects in their organizations, with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes, quality of care and cost- effectiveness.
Led by prestigious Canadian and international faculty and practice leaders, the new 14-month EXTRA fellowships support teams in initiating and leading evidence-informed improvements in their own organizations, or across jurisdictions with multi-site teams and cross-boundary intervention projects.

EXTRA Partners

EXTRA is managed and funded by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation in partnership with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) and a consortium of Quebec partners represented by the Initiative sur le partage des connaissanceset le développement des competences (IPCDC).
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