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We are thrilled to announce that CFHI’s highly subscribed webinar series, On Call, is back for its sixth consecutive season. We’ll be delving deeper into topics such as health systems transformation, patient and citizen engagement, population needs, and mental health.

Improvement On Call is an important and trusted education platform for our community, and CFHI continues to make changes to ensure you get the most out of the webinar format. Our new advanced webcasting technology allows you to follow and listen to the presentations, and enables you to ask your questions live.  During season six we will continue to offer simultaneous translation on selected webinars so participants can interact live with our speakers in both French and English. 

We will now charge a nominal registration fee of $99 per line for our Improvement On Call sessions.  We invite you to view our FAQs for more information on what these changes will mean for you. 

WEBINAR: Recovery in Mental Health, Dec 4, 2012, 12 to 1 pm ET

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Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) session of Improvement On Call explores what people with lived experience have known for some time: that with hope, support and empowerment from others, recovery is possible and likely. 

Mental illness is often framed as a disease just like any other, which can create confusion between cure and recovery. The assumption that recovery can only mean cure ignores the growing body of evidence showing that a person can recover a meaningful and satisfying life without being cured of the symptoms of mental illness. Research and practice are starting to show that an orientation toward recovery is essential for making better use of healthcare resources, improving individual outcomes and reducing symptoms. 

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