CFHI Presents IHI's Driving Quality, Lowering Costs

CFHI is hosting IHI’s Driving Quality, Lowering Costs workshop seminar October 24-25 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, to help you get on the same track. This workshop is a synthesized, fast-paced version of IHI’s two-and-a-half year initiative that has been adapted by CFHI and IHI for the Canadian context with the help of Canadian improvement experts. Now, you will learn in two days the proven strategies, tools, and best practices to save money and drive quality from more than two and a half years of IHI’s in-depth initiative.

This two-day improvement workshop is designed for clinical quality teams and finance leaders to improve their knowledge, skills, and strategies to implement measurable cost reductions while improving quality of care. CFHI and IHI have adapted this highly praised workshop for the Canadian context with the help of Canadian healthcare improvement experts. 

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