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Home care team in Edmonton finds that providing COPD education and support for clients in the community is a marathon worth running
Of the teams in the collaborative, only AHS addressed the issue from the community level and focused on clients who often remain homebound due to their breathlessness.
Quebec COPD initiative casts a wide net in area with many aging, low income smokers
19 percent of admissions to the local hospital in 2013-14 were for patients with a diagnosed respiratory disease, compared to an estimated national rate of 13 percent.
Hospital visits for acute episodes of COPD fall after Joseph Brant Hospital educates patients, healthcare providers and the community
By early Oct. 2015 (only three months into the program), 80 percent of patients reported having a positive experience and better managed care.
INSPIRED program reduces readmissions among COPD patients at The Ottawa Hospital
The hospital was aware that its cost for treating COPD was higher than for any other chronic disease and was concerned that its 30-day readmission rate for COPD patients stood at 10 percent.
Target for reducing antipsychotic use in long term care extended to acute care facilities at Newfoundland’s Central Health Regional Health Authority
At almost 40 percent, Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest rate in the country of antipsychotic medication use among LTC residents.
Success of New Brunswick long term care home’s push to reduce antipsychotic use leads to creation of a province-wide initiative
York Care Centre’s success led to an initiative to scale-up across the province’s more than 60 long term care homes.
Success in reducing antipsychotic medication leads Revera to spread approach across four provinces
By the summer of 2016, Revera had successfully decreased the use of antipsychotics in all four provinces where it has long term care homes to an average of 18 percent.
Success at three long term care homes prompts Sienna Senior Living to spread antipsychotic reduction initiative to all of its 34 facilities
As a result of the initiative, Sienna achieved an overall reduction in use of antipsychotics of 50 percent among the residents in cohorts at the three pilot sites.

Prince Edward Island tells families, “You’re welcome to stay.”

When CFHI launched a call for applications for its Better Together e-collaborative, Health PEI leadership was in the midst of discussing strategies for implementing patient-experience initiatives.

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