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Impact stories speak to the difference we make working shoulder-to-shoulder with teams of healthcare leaders to improve health and care for all Canadians.

Helping hospitals get smart: Optimizing heath services for patients through “smart” hospital design
Meaningful engagement of clinicians, together with a knowledge exchange relationship with researchers, led to substantial changes in building design and patient care processes.
Better access to healthcare services in rural Newfoundland
A decision-making framework improves communication to better allocate resources and deliver health services to rural populations.
Improving care and outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease
Redesigning information management systems enhances care for renal patients and likely spurs a provincial roll-out in Nova Scotia.
Training patients to be effective participants in their healthcare
BC health ministry initiative supports seniors and immigrant patients to find their voice with the help of new communication tools that build knowledge and skills.
Establishing a first-rate leadership model in a Surgery Program
New governance model and evaluation framework engages medical staff in program administration in New Brunswick.
Improving treatment for seniors in acute care
Early intervention approach for seniors in acute care leads to better functionality and independence after discharge at Providence Health Care (BC).
Frail elderly live better and longer with improved nutrition care
Integrated approach to planning food services policies improves nutrition for long-term care residents in Saskatoon.
Patients, Families and Providers Work Together to Improve Safety and Quality
Quality and patient engagement improved with new safety scorecard developed specifically for rehabilitation environment in Toronto.
Improving the lives of patients at personal care homes in Winnipeg and beyond
Reducing inappropriate antipsychotic use by 27 percent in a long term care home, pointing the way to significant savings.
Using knowledge to propel change: Accelerating health system transformation in Saskatchewan using prospective analysis and facilitated exchange
A researcher accelerated transformation in the Saskatchewan healthcare system using methods such as storytelling, narrative analysis and participant observation.

Prince Edward Island tells families, “You’re welcome to stay.”

When CFHI launched a call for applications for its Better Together e-collaborative, Health PEI leadership was in the midst of discussing strategies for implementing patient-experience initiatives.

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