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Visit our INSPIRED Resource Hub, where healthcare leaders, providers, patients and families can find resources on shifting COPD care from hospital- to home- and community-based models.


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Patient Engagement Resource Hub

Hub resources include Canadian and international open source tools. Use them in patient and family engagement initiatives to improve health and healthcare.


VBHC Toolkit

VBHC Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide information and guidance to those who are interested in learning about value-based healthcare (VBHC); those who are thinking about implementing it; and those who are ready to assess and improve their current VBHC initiatives.


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CFHI’s Assessment ToolTM for Healthcare Delivery Organizations and Systems

CFHI created this assessment tool to help healthcare leaders assess their organization’s or system’s capacity to undertake improvement initiatives.


CFHI Quality Improvement Primer Series

CFHI Quality Improvement Primer Series

A primer is an on demand video that provides a high-level introduction to a topic aligned with CFHI’s quality improvement approach and curriculum.



CFHI’s Readiness to Receive and Readiness to Spread Assessment Tools

CFHI’s Readiness to Receive and Readiness to Spread Assessment Tools

Readiness to Receive Assessment: The purpose of this assessment tool is to help a site determine its readiness to receive an effective practice from elsewhere.
Readiness to Spread Assessment: The purpose of this tool is to help spread successful practices widely.


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On Call Webinars: On Demand Sessions

CFHI's webinar series features innovative policy-makers, decision-makers and clinicians as they explore evidence and share their improvement stories.



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Resources & Tools

Building on our legacy. This collection of resources and tools reflects work done past and present that our community has told us they value.


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Browse our archive of reports and research papers.



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Mythbusters is a series of articles that summarize the best available evidence to challenge widely held beliefs about issues in Canadian healthcare. They were developed from 1998 to 2013.




Overview: CFHI helps hospitals ‘ACE’ elderly-friendly care

Older Canadians often arrive at hospitals with many inter-related chronic, acute health and social issues. Yet this population is not always well served by hospital-based models of care, providing an opportunity to rethink how we organize and deliver care for seniors.

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