Fraser Health: Healthcare Spending Quantum Analysis

Full Report (PDF, 1.38 MB)

Key messages

  • The Fraser Health Authority aspires to create a high-performing healthcare system.
  • The availability and use of data is critical to any high-performing healthcare system.
  • The Triple Aim of improving population health, improving the experience of care and controlling costs provides a useful reference for evaluating healthcare systems.
  • The alignment of finances, data and population health goals is essential for healthcare systems that wish to pursue the Triple Aim. Currently, these elements are less than perfectly aligned in the Fraser Health region and, for that matter, in any health region in Canada.
  • Different perspectives on healthcare funding flows – for example, based on source of payment, service sector or population group receiving care – require different analytic strategies.
  • Population segmentation and variations analysis are powerful tools for identifying possible fruitful areas for transformation.
  • The Fraser Health Authority funds a minority of the healthcare services that residents of the region receive. This constrains the current policy levers available and the possible scope of transformation activities.
  • Having a high-performing healthcare system requires the development and execution of a clear data and analytic strategy.
  • There are significant data gaps, some of which could be filled by securing access to existing British Columbia Ministry of Health data and some of which will require new data collection.
  • Existing data can be better used.