Interview with Karen Kabloona #WeBelong2016

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement is looking forward to welcoming over 150 participants to the We Belong International Forum on Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention, November 17-19. Participants represent Indigenous communities from across Canada and international Indigenous communities from Australia, NZ, USA and South America.

Karen Kilikvak Kabloona PhotoKaren Kilikvak Kabloona will be one of the masters of ceremonies for #WeBelong2016.

Since 2015, Kabloona has served as the Associate Deputy Minister, Quality of Life in the Government of Nunavut where she’s been responsible for coordinating the territory’s response to suicide prevention. Her expertise and skills are going to be a huge asset to the Forum.

“I’m looking forward to applying an Inuit style of governance to my role as MC,” Klaboona said.

“That is, I want to hear and listen deeply and look for common understanding and perspectives when it comes to life promotion.”

The shift from deficit based to strength based is a key draw for her.

“The way the Forum is laid out brings about the strengths and life promotion aspects,” Kabloona said.

“We don’t talk about car crash prevention; we talk about seat belt safety. I think the Forum is part of that  important shift in the conversation on life promotion.”

In addition to focussing on strength-based approached, Kabloona is also looking forward to the participation and engagement of youth.

“I’m interested to see how all the work being done by the youth forum participants – who will learn about engagement in social media and community leadership – will extend into the larger Forum and really impact systems change – not just at the Forum but in the longer term, as well.”

One thing Kabloona wants the international community to take away about Nunavut and Canada overall? Reconciliation.

“Acknowledgement of the past 100 years has really opened the door for healing and the creation of services, programs and policy. The international community should know that the conversation about our history is still ongoing but policy work and service development will continue.”

We look forward to seeing her at #WeBelong2016.

Keep visiting the We Belong International Forum on Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention webpage for details on how you can join the conversation through our live feed.