CFHI’s Mythbusters Teaching Resource is designed to help instructors of graduate-level classes to teach students how to write research summaries for policy-makers, managers and others.

"Learning to write a research summary can be a tough skill to acquire, but an essential one for health policy and systems researchers who want to inform health systems management and public policy-making."

John Lavis, McMaster University

User-friendly summaries of research evidence can be a way for researchers to effectively communicate actionable messages to policy-makers, managers and others, particularly in cases where research results are unambiguous. In particular, summaries offer a way of informally pulling research together, generally using a conversational tone. The Mythbusters series, for example, sets out the research evidence behind public debates on current healthcare issues.

This teaching resource builds on the Mythbuster model. As such, the resource incorporates all of the major steps CFHI follows to create and share a busted myth.