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Mythbusters is a series of articles that summarize the best available evidence to challenge widely held beliefs about issues in Canadian healthcare. They were developed from 1998 to 2013. Note, that information was current as of the published date.


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12 / May / 2011
Myth: Medicare covers all necessary health services
This Mythbusters explores what health services fall into Canada's medicare basket? Is it what Canadians want and expect? Does it reflect our core values?
06 / May / 2011
Myth: C-sections are on the rise because more mothers are asking for them
More Canadian women are having C-sections than ever before. In 2008–2009, more than 25% of hospital deliveries were by C-section. Are today's new mothers turning away from “old-fashioned” childbirth? Or is it their healthcare providers?
22 / Feb / 2011
Myth: The aging population is to blame for uncontrollable healthcare costs
Healthcare costs don’t inflate uncontrollably just because there are more seniors. “Boomerangst”, as it has been cleverly dubbed, isn’t based in reality, so say the experts.
01 / Oct / 2010
Myth: If a drug makes it to market, it's safe for everyone
Despite the various measures in place to enhance drug safety, adverse drug reactions remain a leading health concern for Canadians. This Mythbusters issue clearly outlines why the inclination to believe that drugs on the market are safe for all is false, and where we are making progress in post-market drug safety.

ACE project focuses on assessing, preventing and managing delirium

In assessing delirium, Osler achieved screening rates of more than 90 percent, with nurses administering the CAM tool. Detection of delirium was accurate more than 80 percent of the time.

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