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Mythbusters is a series of articles that summarize the best available evidence to challenge widely held beliefs about issues in Canadian healthcare. They were developed from 1998 to 2013. Note, that information was current as of the published date.


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01 / Jun / 2010
Myth: Seeing a nurse practitioner instead of a doctor is second-class care
This is an update of the popular 2002 article, which shows that research clearly and consistently demonstrates nurse practitioners can provide care that is safe, effective and comparable to a GP in a range of situations.
01 / Jan / 2010
Myth: Most physicians prefer fee-for-service payments
This Mythbusters article takes on the commonly held belief that physicians prefer working under the fee-for-service payment model.
01 / Dec / 2009
Myth: Whole-body screening is an effective way to detect hidden cancers
This Mythbusters article tackles the claim that whole-body screening is a valuable way for healthy people to painlessly detect hidden cancer and thus prevent cancer-related deaths. The evidence in this article shows that unwarranted whole-body cancer screening offers no proven health benefits and, in fact, exposes people to a number of unnecessary risks.
01 / Oct / 2009
Myth: Emergency room overcrowding is caused by non-urgent cases
Research suggests that simply reducing noses through the ER door and introducing more primary care physicians alone will not resolve the backlog. ER overcrowding is a symptom of a larger set of issues that cannot be addressed by the emergency department – or even hospitals – alone.

ACE project focuses on assessing, preventing and managing delirium

In assessing delirium, Osler achieved screening rates of more than 90 percent, with nurses administering the CAM tool. Detection of delirium was accurate more than 80 percent of the time.

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