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Mythbusters is a series of articles that summarize the best available evidence to challenge widely held beliefs about issues in Canadian healthcare. They were developed from 1998 to 2013. Note, that information was current as of the published date.


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01 / Jun / 2006
Myth: Early detection is good for everyone
Before any specific test is put into widespread use, patients and practitioners need to consider whether it is worthwhile and accurate, and whether they would be empowered to do something with the results.
01 / Mar / 2006
Myth: Medical malpractice lawsuits plague Canada
While the number of lawsuits against Canadian doctors is not increasing, the cost of malpractice protection is growing with the size of settlements.
01 / Dec / 2005
Myth: Managed care = mangled care
While no healthcare system is perfect, some American managed care organizations have made strides in many areas, such as improving chronic and preventive care, reducing hospital use, and improving physician practice.
01 / Jun / 2005
Myth: Canada has a communist-style healthcare system
While there are some restrictions on what private insurance can cover in Canada, many types of private payment are allowed for many healthcare services.

Overview: CFHI helps hospitals ‘ACE’ elderly-friendly care

Older Canadians often arrive at hospitals with many inter-related chronic, acute health and social issues. Yet this population is not always well served by hospital-based models of care, providing an opportunity to rethink how we organize and deliver care for seniors.

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