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Mythbusters is a series of articles that summarize the best available evidence to challenge widely held beliefs about issues in Canadian healthcare. They were developed from 1998 to 2013. Note, that information was current as of the published date.


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01 / Mar / 2005
Myth: A parallel private system would reduce waiting times in the public system
A parallel private system seriously compromises access for those waiting for care in the public system, and contradicts the underlying feature of Canadian healthcare: that citizens should receive care based on their need, not on their ability to pay.
01 / Sep / 2004
Myth: We can eliminate errors in healthcare by getting rid of the "bad apples"
Research shows that larger systemic problems are the cause of most mistakes, such as staff who are tired and not thinking clearly, equipment that is hard to read and control, or different medications that have similar names and packaging.
01 / Mar / 2004
Myth: For-profit ownership of facilities would lead to a more efficient healthcare system
While enthusiasts argue that for-profit facilities can provide medical services more efficiently and with a lower price tag, the vast majority of studies shows the exact opposite.
01 / Sep / 2003
Myth: Doctors do it for money
Doctors are not purely “economic creatures,” and while money is important to them, it is only one of many factors that influence their behaviour.

Overview: CFHI helps hospitals ‘ACE’ elderly-friendly care

Older Canadians often arrive at hospitals with many inter-related chronic, acute health and social issues. Yet this population is not always well served by hospital-based models of care, providing an opportunity to rethink how we organize and deliver care for seniors.

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