The Team in Primary Care, A New Vision, New Ways to Work

This record of proceedings provides a general summary of papers presented at the September 2002 Colloquium as well as exchanges between participants. It was prepared by an independent writer from recordings made during the plenary sessions, audiovisual documents used by speakers in their presentations and written summaries of workshop discussions.

Formal presentations as well as comments made by participants were organized according to broad themes and are not necessarily presented in chronological order. With few exceptions, they have not been attributed to their authors. This approach was taken to underscore the general spirit of exchange and collective deliberation that characterized the event.

This record of proceedings can only present a very abridged version of these papers and discussions. It has nevertheless been read, revised and approved by the Colloquium’s Scientific Committee, whose members consider it a faithful summary of the many contributions made and a balanced view of the many points of view expressed.