Integrated Health Systems in Canada: Three Policy Syntheses: Questions and Answers


In 1998, the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) commissioned policy syntheses to review research on capitation policies, capitation funding formulae and governance structures for integrated health systems (IHSs). The researchers reviewed published evidence, interviewed decision makers, and analyzed polling data and unpublished Canadian and international ‘grey’ literature reports. They also incorporated comments from Canadian and international peer reviewers on draft versions of the syntheses. The project was primarily funded by the Health Services Restructuring Commission in Ontario and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, with support from the Ministries of Health in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, all of whom also provided mid-project feedback to the researchers on the content and formation of the syntheses. The following questions and answers provide a description of what an IHS is, followed by a short summary of the key findings of each paper.