CFHI commissioned and published a number of reports and research papers from 1998 to 2012. Two of the most influential reports from the applied health services research era are:

Over time, the Foundation evolved from its focus on building applied health services research capacity to working directly with healthcare delivery organizations to implement, measure and spread innovative healthcare practices. Today, CFHI occasionally commissions research to advance the spread of innovative healthcare practices.


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01 / Nov / 2006
An Evidence-Based Health Services Evaluation of Informational and Management Continuity in Heart Patients
01 / Oct / 2006
Evaluative Research on an Integrated Services Network Model with a Case Management Approach for Intellectually Challenged Elderly People
01 / Sep / 2006
Staffing for Safety: A Synthesis of the Evidence on Nurse Staffing and Patient Safety
01 / Sep / 2006
Job Satisfaction and Retention of Nursing Staff: The Impact of Nurse Management Leadership
01 / Jul / 2006
Help - I need somebody: the experiences of families seeking treatment for children with psychosocial problems and the impact of delayed or deferred treatment
01 / Jun / 2006
Teamwork in Healthcare: Promoting effective teamwork in healthcare in Canada
Teamwork in Healthcare: Promoting Effective Teamwork in Healthcare in Canada underscores that a healthcare system supporting effective teamwork can improve the quality of patient care, enhance patient safety, and reduce workload issues causing burnout among healthcare professionals.
01 / Jun / 2006
Building a Public Dialogue Framework for Defining the Medicare Basket
01 / May / 2006
The Evaluation of the Continuity of Care at the Group Health Centre, A Unique Multi-specialty, Multi-disciplinary Health Service Organization
01 / Apr / 2006
Organizational Change in Healthcare with Special Reference to Alberta
01 / Apr / 2006
Implementing Family Medicine Groups: the challenge of reorganizing practice and fostering interprofessional co-operation - Case Study in Five First-Wave FMGs in Quebec