CFHI commissioned and published a number of reports and research papers from 1998 to 2012. Two of the most influential reports from the applied health services research era are:

Over time, the Foundation evolved from its focus on building applied health services research capacity to working directly with healthcare delivery organizations to implement, measure and spread innovative healthcare practices. Today, CFHI occasionally commissions research to advance the spread of innovative healthcare practices.


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01 / Feb / 2010
Health Human Resources Productivity: What it is, how it’s measured, why (how you measure) it matters, and who’s thinking about it
01 / Jan / 2010
Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety in Canadian Healthcare Organizations
09 / Nov / 2009
Leadership for Ethical Policy and Practice
25 / Sep / 2009
Mental health network governance and coordination: Comparative analysis across 10 Canadian regions
22 / May / 2009
Leadership to Promote Patient Safety Culture and Learning in Critical Care
01 / May / 2008
Outcomes in the Palm of Your Hand (Improving the Quality and Continuity of Patient Care)
01 / Jan / 2008
Defining the Medicare "Basket"
01 / Jan / 2008
Managing Continuity of Care for Continuing Care Services in Two Health Regions: Perspectives on Waitlists
01 / Dec / 2007
Interprofessional Collaboration and Quality Primary Healthcare
The synthesis “Interprofessional Collaboration and Quality Primary Healthcare” provides a systematic review of peer-reviewed literature regarding outcomes of interprofessional collaboration in primary healthcare, a Canadian environmental scan to obtain stakeholder feedback and incorporates findings from initiatives and projects that involved primary healthcare provision.
31 / Oct / 2007
Health Human Resources Modeling: Challenging the Past, Creating the Future


Workshop Report: Building Capacity for Healthcare Quality Improvement: Spread, Sustainability, Scale & the Quadruple Aim