Giving decision-makers the information they need to bring about meaningful change

Health systems decision-makers in Canada want to improve the way care is organized, financed, managed and delivered. To make the best possible decisions and improvements in the most accountable manner, they need credible, balanced analysis that is rooted in the best available evidence.

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement’s Applied Research and Policy Analysis (ARPA) provides that support, arming leaders at the regional, provincial/territorial and federal levels with the information and tools they need for spreading innovations and fostering healthcare improvements.

We draw upon the expertise of researchers and policy analysts to develop a solid understanding of the health and economic effects of various health services innovations and improvements.

ARPA’s work falls under two broad objectives.

We generate new knowledge and synthesize existing evidence.

  • We have a strong reputation as a credible source of health systems evidence and cutting-edge policy analysis. ARPA generates new knowledge in priority areas, deepening our understanding not only of policy barriers, but also enablers for advancing health improvement and transformation in Canada. We also synthesize existing pieces of evidence to support innovative policy options. Examples include our work on healthcare financing and transformation, population aging, and primary healthcare. Our clients and collaborators look to us as a partner and a champion in their healthcare improvement journey.

We spread knowledge and innovations to support healthcare improvement.

  • ARPA spreads research findings and information on innovative practices and proven successes across Canada and internationally through a series of carefully designed knowledge summary and synthesis products. Our popular Mythbusters series responds to topical issues in healthcare by presenting synthesized evidence in a readable and engaging format. We share Mythbusters and other policy briefs and reports on our website, through our regular e-newsletter and at conferences.

Our activities also include the following:

  • Improving healthcare across Canada
    We work with health policy researchers and academics across the country to generate credible health systems evidence. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with governments managing health systems, as well as those delivering services to Canadians, to ensure current practices are informed by the best available evidence. We have three impact stories to share about the challenges and successes that we and our partners have encountered in bringing about health system transformation.
  • Health policy projects
    The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement undertakes a variety of health policy projects with policy- and decision-makers at the federal, provincial/territorial and regional levels.
  • Healthcare FiT initiative
    In 2011, CFHI commissioned 22 reports on healthcare cost drivers, efficiency, financing/payment options and transformation in Canada, and hosted a number of policy dialogues for federal, provincial and territorial policy-makers and other health system leaders.
  • The aging population
    CFHI has produced reports and hosted gatherings that address the challenge that Canada faces as a result of an aging population.
  • Primary healthcare
    Read about the many research projects, reports and conferences that explore the fundamental importance of primary healthcare to an efficient, high-quality healthcare system.
  • CNA “Better” reports
    CFHI collaborated with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) to produce five reports that recommend a fundamental shift in the way healthcare is funded, managed and delivered in Canada.
  • What if? Policy options worth talking about
    Our popular What if? series imagines what the impact of certain policy options might have on healthcare in Canada. Each issue examines the evidence pertaining to one policy option proposed or recommended in related research we’ve undertaken.