Informing health policy with evidence

Federal, provincial and territorial ministries of health focus their work to help Canadians maintain and improve their health and well-being, deliver good care when people need it and protect the health system for future generations.

Policy-makers in Canada and around the world face healthcare costs that are growing faster than revenues. Governments working within tight fiscal environments for the foreseeable future, face a variety of challenges, including:

  • Ensure future health spending is appropriate and affordable
  • Contain growth and promoting greater efficiency
  • Respond to changing demographics and societal expectations of the healthcare system
  • Transform systems to ensure they meet or exceed current and future population health needs

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement undertakes a variety of health policy projects with policy- and decision-makers at the federal, provincial/territorial and regional levels. Each project addresses specific challenges at these levels by closing gaps in current understanding. We do this by producing policy analysis, drawing on the best available evidence and expertise. Part and parcel of these activities is our commitment to fostering dialogue among health system stakeholders across Canada, ensuring that policy recommendations and options are credible and consistent with societal values.