Disseminating knowledge and promoting dialogue

Healthcare accounts for roughly half of most provincial programming budgets. As a result, policy-makers across Canada share a similar challenge: controlling costs while strengthening the quality of healthcare.

In 2011, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, or CFHI (at the time called the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation) embarked on a program of research commissioned by Health Canada. With the Healthcare FiT (Financing and Transformation) initiative, CFHI produced a body of work (22 reports in total) and held a series of policy dialogues that address current economic challenges. By disseminating the best knowledge and evidence—as well as promoting productive dialogue among policy-makers, researchers and the public—the Healthcare FiT initiative has supported numerous health policy innovations and improvements to healthcare in Canada.

Healthcare FiT reports on COST DRIVERS AND EFFICIENCY:

Healthcare FiT reports on FINANCING MODELS: