Meeting of the Chairs of the Advisory Committees to the Conference of F/P/T Deputy Ministers of Health: Feedback on the preliminary "Listening for Direction" workshop results

The following summarizes the meeting's discussions related to the presentation by Jonathan Lomas, Executive Director of the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. The presentation highlighted issues raised in 5 of the 6 workshops during the "Listening for Direction" consultation.

Participants identified a number of issues that had not arisen during the workshops, including:

  • Quality of care
  • Governance
  • Role of collective agreements in shaping the health workforce, their availability and the ability to affect new delivery models
  • Primary health care - levels of care in relation to disease management, integrated care
  • Disparities in health status and inequities in access to health services
  • Health system architecture, i.e., linking all elements of the system to ensure continuity of intent and intended outcomes
  • What is the elasticity of co-payment thresholds before consumers stop buying needed medication?
  • Health protection - safety of water and air
  • Health prevention - health and safety
  • Health promotion
  • Public health issues
  • Determinants of health
  • How do we develop approaches which address major disease burdens?
  • Role of the health sector in reducing disparities in health status
  • What tools do we need to address major health issues?
  • How do we know when we are making progress?
  • How do we identify future health issues like those stemming from genomics?
  • Alternate models of care - how do we staff these? What do other systems do?
  • Is there a better model to deliver services Canadians need to receive in a publicly funded system?

Here are the key points the participants raised:

  • Are there sufficient incentives for researchers in the system which simply need to be redirected?
  • Any thought of validating the results of Listening for Direction with 3rd parties like the King's Trust, New Zealand, Australia to ensure that no opportunities/hot spots haven't been missed?
  • Are the issues identified perhaps too preoccupied with the here and now and not sufficiently poised to the future?