Relative to 'Listening for Direction'

Disseminate results of consultation
Build on framework using clusters of ideas and keep open for expansion
Evaluate research response to stated priorities and make changes accordingly
Select leaders in areas for fine tuning in 1-2 years

Permanent Structures

Get feed-back on priorities from review committees, Boards, Advisory Boards
Use regional training centres and Canada Research Chairs (annual seminars)
Cultivate research receptors in the governments
Educate government to research and identify priorities
Reward those who commission or use health services research

Continuous Process

Process check with decision-makers before finalizing research programs
Do environmental scans before the call for proposal
Do Delphi on an on-going basis via internet or telephone
Invest in permanent monitoring process
Use internet/e-mail/list servs/intranet
Have interactive web-site
Continue environmental scans
Continue face-to-face meetings
Fund those without substantial resources to participate in priority assessments
Include public input into process
Use newletters for reporting on organizations' activities and priorities

Research Issues

Create a research road map
Invest in pool of quality researchers to quickly respond to changing priorities
Evaluate the influence of research on decision making