National & Regional Workshops

In the second stage of the core consultation process, after the environmental scan, the partners elicited health system priority issues from close to 200 decision makers and researchers across Canada. Each person attended one of five regional workshops in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax, or the national workshop in Ottawa.

Each workshop was organized within the same framework. The framework was designed to help participants with different views share their knowledge and expertise to construct a list of health services and policy priority issues.

During the introductory session of the workshop, the purpose and objectives of the workshop and the results of the environmental scan were presented. This was followed by a brainstorming session to obtain information on the immediate issues in health services and policy. The session was also used to serve as a 'catharsis' exercise to encourage participants to do away with their immediate concerns and adopt the desired medium- and longer-term perspective for the rest of the workshop. Finally, a long-term scenario (PDF - 33 KB) was also shown to help participants look into the future during their day's discussions.

To determine the priority issues for the next two-to-five years, initial discussions were in small groups of people with similar interests, such as researchers, policymakers, managers, and associations and clinicians. The issues emerging from these 'like-minded perspectives' were presented as summaries to all participants during a plenary session. Subsequently, participants reconvened in small groups with mixed perspectives to select the final top priorities from the issues identified during the plenary summaries.

During the day, participants were also asked for their input on other issues of importance to the partners.

Translation Workshop

In preparation for the third stage of the core consultation process - the translation workshop - the partners synthesized all the information gathered throughout the environmental scan, the national and regional workshops, and the parallel activities. The documents analyzed thus included the output from the environmental scan, the regional and national workshops, as well as a number of surveys and consultations with Deputy Ministers of Health, federal/provincial/territorial health advisory committees, and other decision makers and researchers who were invited to the translation workshop. The synthesis and summaries of each of the consultation activities were sent to the research experts. Prior to the meeting, the synthesis and summaries of each of the consultation activities were sent to the research experts who were invited to the translation workshop.

During the translation workshop, the research experts analyzed the documents and translated the priority issues into research themes. The result of this workshop led to the 15 priority themes described in the summary report (PDF - 197 KB).