Summary of the consultation process for Listening for Direction II

One national and five regional workshops occurred across Canada at the beginning of 2004. Workshops took place in Ottawa (national workshop, January 22nd), Toronto (January 28th), Edmonton (February 2nd), Vancouver (February 6th), Québec City (February 11th), and Fredericton (February 13th). A total of 850 invitations were sent out to key individuals in the health services field in Canada. The partners elicited health system priority issues from close to 200 decision makers (65 percent of attendees) and researchers (35 percent of attendees). Participants included policy makers, managers, researchers, and representatives of health-related organizations (NGOs).

In addition to these consultations, a consultation meeting with the Advisory Committee on Governance and Accountability took place in Vancouver on February 5th 2004.

Each workshop was organized within the same framework. The framework was designed to help participants with different views share their knowledge and expertise to construct a list of health services and policy priority issues.

The workshop design consisted of a brief overview of the Listening for Direction I outcomes and reporting on what has been done in the key areas since 2001. Participants were then asked to brainstorm on specific health services issues that Canada will be faced with in the short- (six to 24 months) and medium- to long-terms (three to five years). They were asked to prioritize these issues and determine their top five priorities. Participants were also invited to brainstorm on their needs in terms of data access, data integration, and capacity building issues. An end-of-day period was devoted to the development of strategies to help the partners better track the impact of Listening for Direction II.

The top immediate priority issues and the top medium- to long-term issues are summarized in the following documents (immediate / medium- to long-term).