Summary of activities conducted between 2001-2004 that relate to Listening for Direction I themes

Following the Listening for Direction I consultations, each partner was chosen to lead a specific theme area. Since 2001, numerous activities have taken place under each theme. Please find below a summary of activities. For further information, please consult each partner's web site.

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

  • Health Human Resources (one program; nine projects);
  • Managing Continuity (13 projects; one policy synthesis)
  • Primary Healthcare (one policy synthesis)
  • Defining the Medicare Basket (two programs)
  • Access for Rural and Remote Communities (one program)
  • Regionalization (one knowledge network, with the Canadian Centre for Analysis of Regionalization and Health)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

  • Financing and public expectations (11 grants, two awards)
  • Improving quality (46 grants, 54 awards, 14 clinical trials)
  • Improved access for "marginalized" groups (20 grants, two awards)
  • Evolving role of informal and voluntary care (five grants, seven awards)
  • All other themes identified in Listening for Direction I (220 grants, 136 awards, four clinical trials)

Canadian Institute for Health Information

  • Performance Indicators, Benchmarks and Outcomes
    Significant progress on developing, designing, testing and populating performance indicators
  • Other Themes
    Different projects on indicators, data collection, analysis and testing for various themes such as Health Human Resources, Continuum of Care and Delivery Models, Improving Quality and Globalization

Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment

  • Healthcare Evaluation and Technology Assessment
    Different initiatives (total of 117) such as technology reports, technology overviews, Issues in Emerging Health Technologies, emerging drug list, emerging technology list