Every day, millions of Canadians have some sort of encounter with the healthcare system. Many benefit tremendously from the hard work of experienced, dedicated professionals. But it is increasingly clear that many don’t get the quality of care they need and deserve.

The Canadian Health Services Research Foundation is responding to the increased understanding of the importance of quality with this Building the Case for Quality initiative, an initiative that also aims to promote knowledge exchange in CHSRF's managing for quality and safety theme area.

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Quality Conversations

Researchers, decision-makers and other healthcare experts speak to writer and editor Jane Coutts about ways to improve quality in Canada’s healthcare system.

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Quality Improvement Stories

These stories show how to improve quality at every level in healthcare.

A Passion for Quality (PDF, 496 KB)

Better Care for the Chronically Ill (PDF, 497 KB)

Measure Twice, Cut Once - Reducing Unnecessary Medical Treatments (PDF, 494 KB)

Setting Standards is a Matter of Life and Death (PDF, 494 KB)

The Digital Warehouse (PDF, 494 KB)

Transforming Data into Quality in Manitoba (PDF, 495 KB)

Other quality-related material from CHSRF

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