31 / May / 2011
Financing models for non-CHA services in Canada: Lessons from local and international experiences with social insurance
12 / May / 2011
Myth: Medicare covers all necessary health services
This Mythbusters explores what health services fall into Canada's medicare basket? Is it what Canadians want and expect? Does it reflect our core values?
10 / May / 2011
Media Release: Leader, innovative researcher recognized with prestigious health services award
06 / May / 2011
Rise in C-sections in Canada not due to maternal preferences
06 / May / 2011
Myth: C-sections are on the rise because more mothers are asking for them
More Canadian women are having C-sections than ever before. In 2008–2009, more than 25% of hospital deliveries were by C-section. Are today's new mothers turning away from “old-fashioned” childbirth? Or is it their healthcare providers?