29 / May / 2012
Myth: Canada Needs More Doctors
This Mythbusters challenges the belief that Canada has a doctor shortage. Access to doctors is certainly a problem for some Canadians, but there seems to be more than enough in some areas. In short, it’s not a shortage we need to be worrying about, but the equitable distribution of the workforce we already have.
24 / May / 2012
Public Policy and Canadians’ Attitudes Towards the Healthcare System
22 / May / 2012
The Economic Impact of Improvements in Primary Healthcare Performance
02 / May / 2012
Bulk purchasing and value-based pricing of pharmaceuticals
01 / May / 2012
Contexts and Models in Primary Healthcare and their Impact on Interprofessional Relationships
01 / May / 2012
CHSRF’s Knowledge Brokering Program: A Review of Conditions and Context for Success